Sydney University Flaunts Double Standard on Free Speech

Alleged domestic terrorist turned academic Tim Anderson has today managed to cement himself as one of the world’s most vile individuals. The long-term Sydney University Political Economy lecturer, apologists of tyrants, supporter of dictators, and a loud voice in the anti-Israel Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement has long been protected under the guise of academic freedom by Sydney University. Today Anderson suggested that the Syrian gas attacks was a ‘false flag’ event and that instead the United States it to blame for terrorism in the Middle East.

Tim anderson obama and trump

The University of Sydney and certain board directors of the University of Sydney Union (USU) have a long history of silencing perspectives they do not agree with. USU board directors today cancelled a planned screening of The Red Pill on the grounds of discrimination.  Before the start of O-week this year, the pro-life stall LifeChoice was vandalised during the night by left-wing agitators; which follows a long campaign by some board directors from the USU to deregister the society for its views. In 2016 the Evangelical Union and the Catholic Society both faced the threat of being reregistered by the USU for requiring club executives be members of the Christian faith. Retired British Colonel and supporter of the Israeli Defence Force Richard Kemp in 2015 was stopped from giving a public lecture on ethical military tactics by 13 protesters shouting pro-Palestinian chants. Former Israeli Navy Seal Yoaz Hendel was in 2014 also protested against as he gave a speech by protesters. A report by Matthew Lesh from the Institute of Public Affairs found that the University of Sydney received a red ranking for freedom of speech, citing significant evidence of policy and action bias. Evidently Sydney University is happy to suppress perspectives they do not agree with whilst simultaneously protecting and promoting radical leftists.

freedom of speech.PNG
The report from Matthew Lesh at the Institute of Public Affairs found that 8 in 10 Australian universities restrict free speech.

For those who do not know, Tim Anderson has a long and dark history as a left-wing extremist. In 1979 Anderson, as a member of Anada Marga, was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for his role in a bomb plot. His arrest followed a failed assassination attempt of the Indian Prime Minister in February 1978 that: killed two immediately, resulted in the death of a police officer weeks later, and seriously injured many others. Anderson was acquitted after serving six years despite police informant Richard Seary testifying that Anderson and accomplices had admitted to organising the terrorist plot in 1979. In 1985 a government found Seary’s testimony to be ‘without foundation’ and Anderson was released and pardoned of all charges. In 1990 was convicted for three counts of murder for his role in allegedly organising the Sydney Hilton bombing; with accomplice Evan Pederick claiming that he had carried out the attack under orders from Anderson. Much like 1985 the court found that evidence from Pederick was unreliable and in 1991 Anderson was acquitted.

Hilton bombing
The damage done at the Hilton Bombing on the 13th of February, 1978.

Since 1991 Anderson has devoted his time to academia, working at the University of Technology Sydney from 1994 – 1999 and has been a lecturer at Sydney University since 1998. Anderson is an avid supporter of Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro; evidenced by both papers extolling the virtues of Castro’s health policy and a 2012 Facebook wishing the dictator a quick recovery. Anderson is also an apologist Bashar al-Assad and has a fanatical obsession with defending the tyrant from criticism. Anderson has also stated that the United States is the cause of all terrorism in the Middle East, the recent gas attack in Syria was a ‘false flag’ event, and that Obama financed and armed all terrorist groups in Syria. In a 2014 Facebook post, Anderson cites the domestic popularity of Bashar al-Assad as evidence against the claims, backed by intelligence agencies, that al-Assad has bombed and gassed his own civilians. This is not surprising considering in 2014 Anderson travelled to Syria with a WikiLeaks delegation to meet Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

tim anderson Fb post

Anderson has also taken a large role in the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. The movement seeks to impose economic sanctions upon Israel as protest against the perceived occupation of the West Bank. Anderson in a tweet on the 21st of March 2017 stated that, ‘Israel, criminal apartheid regime and threat to the region.’

tim anderson israel

The ‘Sydney Staff for BDS’ Facebook page distanced themselves from Anderson after he made comments to Australian journalist Jeremy Jones that Jones described as anti-Semitic. The fact that other staff deemed it necessary to do this indicates that even within leftist circles Anderson is an extreme figure.

sydney bds

Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham stated that, ‘Although universities are places where ideas should be contested, that’s no excuse for being an apologist for (the Assad regime).’  The unwillingness by Sydney University and the USU to acknowledge the double standard they enforce surrounding freedom of speech is appalling. If instead Tim Anderson was an outspoken right wing figure he would not obtain the first-class service that he currently receives.

When the USU today prohibited the screening of The Red Pill they cited regulation 10.j.xii that reads: ‘Club funds may not be used for any activities that discriminate or harass on the basis of sex, race, age, marital status, sexuality, religion, or disability; or defame, coerce, intimidate or physically threaten an individual or group.’ By their own definition Tim Anderson should be barred from all USU events, but I suspect that this will not happen. Anderson who has terrorist sympathies, supports left-wing dictators, is an apologist for the Assad tyranny, was labelled extreme by fellow BDS colleagues, and anti-Semitic by others. If Sydney University wants to protect students from extremism, maybe they should first take a hard look at who they decide to hire.

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