How Theresa May can become one of the greatest Prime Ministers in British history.

I’m calling it now, Theresa May will go down as one of the greatest Prime Ministers in British history. Her decision to call an election for June will, bar a disastrous turn of events during the campaign, will ensure a Tory landslide.  A recent poll has the Conservatives collecting 50% of the vote, which will provide her with a very healthy majority of around 200 seats. Such a devastating result would sail well clear of the 418-seat benchmark set by Blair in 1997 and would cement May’s status as a hero of the Conservative party. The Conservative Party has under Cameron, and following their upcoming victory in June, shown centre-right parties across the globe how to win elections. Provide a strong, stable, and fiscally responsible government that promises little except to make life a little easier for everyone.

The Conservative Party would enter a third consecutive term with an increased majority and May would receive her own electoral mandate. The fact of the matter is that May has not yet won an election as Prime Minister; which forces her to advocate for Cameron’s policies and Cameron’s promises. For example, the promise of a five-year lock on increasing tax levels reduces the options available to May. A new mandate will allow May to push her own policy such as: bringing back grammar schools, dramatically increasing housing supply, ending free movement of EU citizens into the UK, and scrapping the absurdly generous triple-lock on pensions.

The other important consequence of a Conservative victory is a smooth and united Brexit process. Opposition parties and figures, specifically the Liberal Democrats and Tony Blair, have done all they can to delay and obstruct Brexit. A victory with an increased majority for the Conservative party would remove this obstruction and benefit the British people by ensuring a united front for the negotiations with the European Union. The British Labour Party, or whatever is left after the anticipated massacre, would be forced to finally acquiesce to the will of the British people and support Brexit.

The icing on the cake? Just last week Jeremy Corbyn refused to comment on whether he would step down if Labour suffered an election defeat. This followed the resignation of two Labour MPs and the news that many more are expected to resign over disagreements with Corbyn. If this indeed is the case and he does not step down, then the foreseeable future for the Conservative Party looks almost utopian. May would more than likely secure another term at the subsequent election and could be in a position to win a third term in her own right. This level of continued success for the Conservative party was last seen in 1874 where they remained a governing party until 1900.

On the 8th of June the Conservative Party has the very real chance to cement the legacy of David Cameron, and with a decisive victory against Jeremy Corbyn’s divided Labour Party, usher in the era of the new Iron lady Theresa May.


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