Ten signs you’re a conservative: Sydney University Edition

My Colleague George Bishop wrote a great listicle in 2017 on 10 Signs You’re Actually A Conservative. Alas, there are now even more dead giveaways that you are indeed a conservative…

1) You came to USYD for the Quadrangle 

Let’s face it – is there any other legitimate reason?


2) You feel sorry for the trees that were cut down to print Honi Soit

I would roast you but my mum said i’m not allowed to burn trash…


3) You don’t clap when people come into your lectures to advertise a protest

Now this…this is brave resistance.


4) You’ve written papers from an angle  you don’t believe in to get a good mark

“For the aforementioned reasons, intersectional feminism plays a pivotal role in the discourse in Australia”


5) You have questioned the utility of the prescribed readings

That feeling when you do a Great Books that Changed the World course but have never heard of any of the books.


6) You hate paying the SSAF fee

This is oppression.


7) You roll your eyes at all the Marxism posters 

I thought I was in Sydney not the USSR.


8) You want to Unlearn the Unlearn Campaign

I came to Uni to learn not to unlearn smh.


9) You don’t vote in SRC elections – or if you do, you vote for the least annoying group

Just let me get to class!


10) You study economics

Capitalism mmmm.


If this sounds anything like you, click ‘like’ on the USYD Conservative Club Facebook Page and come to our events!

Julia Kokic is the Secretary of the Sydney University Conservative Club

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