In Memoriam of Private School Fees

In Memoriam of the Private School Fees paid for son of North Shore family who joined the Socialist Alternative on University O-Week.

Today we recognise the tragic death of $160,000 in school fees for Miles Donbritter-Sonaldson. Mother Dianne and father Graeme Donbrittner-Sonaldson were present as the money passed away quietly on the morning of Tuesday the 2nd of March after Miles joined the Socialist Alternative Club at the University of Sydney.

The money died after a long battle that began after Miles’ Year 9 history teacher at the Church of England River King School got just a little too emotionally invested when discussing the Whitlam Dismissal.

The money was showing signs of recovering after Miles did a summer internship at his father’s M&A firm. But it sadly relapsed after Miles shared a confusing Adam Bandt post about pushing a red button to solve climate change.

A sombre memorial will be held at the family’s home in Mosman in June.

Christina Canva-Carslaw is The Sydney Tory’s resident social commentator

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