The Sydney Tory is proudly run and operated by the University of Sydney Conservative Club. It is an outlet for students of a centre right persuasion – those who believe in individual liberty, free enterprise and defending the core institutions of Western Civilisation – to voice their opinion on the key issues of our time. The term ‘Tory’ has been used as a label of disdain by the left on campus toward centre right students. While we are certainly ‘Whigs’ (believers in classical liberties and free enterprise) rather than 19th century ‘Tories’ (believers in aristocracy), we have proudly claimed this term of campus derision as our own.

If you would like to contribute to the Tory, please contact usyd.conservative@gmail.com.


Print Editions

The best articles from each semester are collated in an annual print edition. View the latest edition of the Tory here:

Semester 1 2021 – The Sydney Tory, 10th Anniversary Edition [Latest Edition]