Captured Student Councils: Student Democracy in Decline?

Parking tickets and pizzas for Parisian workers on strike. Ever wondered where your ‘Student Services and Amenities Fee’ goes? Well, now you know. Needless to say many students, myself included, have at one point or another scratched their head at that hundred-something dollar SSAF. The Student Representative Council (SRC) is the ‘peak representative body for undergraduate students at the University of Sydney.’ It exists to … Continue reading Captured Student Councils: Student Democracy in Decline?

In Defence of History

It would appear as though we have returned to an age of religious zeal, fuelled by the pathological doctrine of political correctness. What started with the tearing down of statues of Confederate soldiers in the United States has, like any malady, begun to spread internationally. Just a couple of days ago, an article published in The Guardian, called for the toppling of Nelson’s Column of … Continue reading In Defence of History