Is it Time for a Collective Defence Bloc in Asia?

The balance of peace in a highly volatile region lies in an unstable, nuclear armed nation. Despite this, co-operation between regional governments remains significantly fragmented. So, the question remains – is a NATO-style collective defence bloc against North Korea within the Asia Pacific possible? Can a successful containment policy be implemented without alienating surrounding regional neighbours? Continue reading Is it Time for a Collective Defence Bloc in Asia?

Catalonia and the struggle for independence

This week saw the violent clashes between the Spanish Government and Catalonian secessionists over an independence referendum held on the 1st of October. With some news outlets reporting that 900 people have been injured in the violence, in which police sought to disrupt the vote, it’s hard to see this issue vanishing from the headlines any time soon. The referendum, which was deemed illegal by … Continue reading Catalonia and the struggle for independence

Japan: What’s Next for Article 9?

Japan’s foreign policy in the post-world war two era is renowned for their strong focus on pacifism and non-aggression. This can be directly attributed to anti-war sentiments that arose after Japan’s defeat in the war, and also due to their own post-war constitution which came into effect in 1947; born out of a joint effort by both the Japanese government and the Allied forces during … Continue reading Japan: What’s Next for Article 9?

Is Labor serious about peace in the Middle East?

When Malcolm Turnbull welcomed Benjamin Netanyahu to Australia, history was made as it marked the first visit by a Prime Minister of Israel to Australia.  A monumental moment for the Australia-Israel relationship, and a reaffirmation of Western support for Israel following the deterioration of support under Barrack Obama. But as usual our resident solipsist Kevin Rudd could not let such an event occur without adding his two cents; the usual … Continue reading Is Labor serious about peace in the Middle East?

In Defence of History

It would appear as though we have returned to an age of religious zeal, fuelled by the pathological doctrine of political correctness. What started with the tearing down of statues of Confederate soldiers in the United States has, like any malady, begun to spread internationally. Just a couple of days ago, an article published in The Guardian, called for the toppling of Nelson’s Column of … Continue reading In Defence of History