COVID-19 and looking beyond ourselves

We live in a world where the only thing that matters is the ‘self’. It is an age where the concepts of ‘individualism’, ‘autonomy’ and ‘freedom’ are unchallenged. We take pride in our unfettered existence: we are at liberty to make our choices in our own world, subject to our own set of ever-malleable principles. Instant gratification is closely related to this obsession with ourselves. … Continue reading COVID-19 and looking beyond ourselves

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The Ethnic Vote: An Uphill Battle Facing 21st Century Conservatives

Growing up amongst the Indian diaspora in Western Sydney, the message from the community was always that the conservatism was the institution of the xenophobic establishment, of white imperialism, racism and the oppressive British Empire. On the other hand, it was simply assumed that the Left were our true representatives, running compassionate and caring policies that sought to suppress racism and make us feel welcome. … Continue reading The Ethnic Vote: An Uphill Battle Facing 21st Century Conservatives

Unfit for Honi

On February 19 2020, student newspaper Honi Soit plunged into controversy after publishing material most would consider anti-semitic and anti-catholic. Just as new students were starting their journeys at University and looking for a place to belong, they were met with an abhorrent display of disrespect in their student paper. The satirical pullout featured a doctored image of a blackboard depicting the question “Should we … Continue reading Unfit for Honi

Ten signs you’re a conservative: Sydney University Edition

My Colleague George Bishop wrote a great listicle in 2017 on 10 Signs You’re Actually A Conservative. Alas, there are now even more dead giveaways that you are indeed a conservative… 1) You came to USYD for the Quadrangle  Let’s face it – is there any other legitimate reason?   2) You feel sorry for the trees that were cut down to print Honi Soit … Continue reading Ten signs you’re a conservative: Sydney University Edition

[Redacted] The Free Press

It was Edmund Burke who in 1787 stated, “there are three estates in Parliament but in the Reporter’s Gallery yonder there sits a Fourth Estate more important far than they all…”. This ‘Fourth Estate’ was in reference to the journalists who sat in the Parliamentary chamber and reported on the proceedings of the government. The ‘Fourth Estate’ was used to describe the role of a … Continue reading [Redacted] The Free Press

Australia’s Place in the STEM Race

STEM research and innovation has historically been a primary driver for building civilisations and improving the lives of people. Traditionally, the Western world has used breakthroughs made on the frontiers of scientific research to change the lives of individuals in a way that benefits society as a whole. Whether it’s using the discovery of thermally induced cathode rays to invent the first phosphoric screen televisions … Continue reading Australia’s Place in the STEM Race

On Positive Liberty

“As for Otanes, he wished neither to rule nor to be ruled—the exact opposite of Aristotle’s notion of true civic liberty. … [This ideal] remains isolated and, until Epicurus, undeveloped … the notion had not explicitly emerged” – Isaiah Berlin. Liberty: a notion steeped in millennia of political discourse and philosophical disagreement. Modern writing on liberty is saturated with squabbling over its meaning and reality; tension … Continue reading On Positive Liberty