Education Policy in the 21st Century Has Failed Australian Students

The education bureaucracy is failing Australian students. Despite injecting record levels of funding into our schools, NAPLAN and PISA results show a continuing decline in Australian students’ academic achievement. In the last two decades, education spending has increased by 46% per student. Contrary to the belief perpetuated by some within the ranks of Parliament, it is policy not funding that is failing our students. A … Continue reading Education Policy in the 21st Century Has Failed Australian Students

Breaking the glass ceiling: Deyi Wu

Interview with Deyi Wu, President Elect of the NSW Young Liberals Deyi Wu was named President Elect of the NSW Young Liberals last week. This makes her the first female President since Natasha Maclaren-Jones fifteen years ago. The Sydney Tory sat down with Deyi this International Women’s Day to reflect on the unique experience of women in politics and to hear her story. Describe your … Continue reading Breaking the glass ceiling: Deyi Wu

The Rockefeller Gesture

In the run-up to the 1976 election, during the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal, the four-term New York state governor Nelson Rockefeller had been on a campaign trail in Binghamton, New York with the unelected incumbent’s running mate. Despite briefly being the Vice President under Gerald Ford, the growing consensus within the party was that the Governor would make a mediocre Vice President, and a … Continue reading The Rockefeller Gesture

The Antidote to Despair

A Response to Stan Grant and the politics of giving up There is little point beating about the bush. Times are tough. There are legitimate questions as to what the future will look like, and how we will get there. However, tough as times are, I remain immensely surprised at the intense negativity, bordering on, quite frankly, a neurotic defeatism, that I have seen displayed … Continue reading The Antidote to Despair

Curing the Cancer of Cancel Culture

The first classic novel I read cover-to-cover was Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890). It served as a catalyst for my love of language and literature. The story reads like a gothic version of the myth of Narcissus. Dorian has a portrait painted of him. Dorian loves his beauty so much that he sells his soul to the devil to stay youthful while … Continue reading Curing the Cancer of Cancel Culture

Should Conservatives stand with Trump?

No. Conservatives should not stand with Donald Trump. In fact, Trump’s presidency and the wave of right-wing populism that has come with it is an insult to the tradition of conservatism.  Like many, I was surprised when Donald Trump won the Republican Primary in 2016. Never did I imagine such a man could lead the free world, especially in the name of a party which … Continue reading Should Conservatives stand with Trump?

The Great Reset: Not so Great?

On the 3rd of June in 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF), led by Director Klaus Schwab and the Prince of Wales announced ‘The Great Reset’, which advocates for an economic recovery based heavily upon ‘mutual progress’ and environmental initiatives. Under the proposal which will be presented at the Davos summit in January, it calls for “Carbon pricing (that) can provide a critical pathway to … Continue reading The Great Reset: Not so Great?

Un-Social Media

Was Twitter’s decision to suspend Donald Trump’s account in the wake of the riots the right decision? This is the question at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  The Liberal MP for Wentworth, Dave Sharma, said that it was the “right decision on the facts.” I would definitely agree but as he then points out, there is a deeper, unresolved issue of principle behind this all.  … Continue reading Un-Social Media

The Legend of Korra – An Allegory against Marxism?

Growing up, I was infatuated with the Avatar the Last Airbender Universe. Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko created a fictional saga unlike anything that had featured on Nickelodeon. Despite being a tv show intended for kids, it addressed serious topics such as genocide, warfare, bigotry, good and evil.  As the show’s sequel The Legend of Korra experiences a revival of popularity on Australian Netflix … Continue reading The Legend of Korra – An Allegory against Marxism?