Why The High Court Got It 100% Right

Unless you have had the unfortunate displeasure of being completely disinterested in politics, live under a rock or, worse still, do not care for the news, you would’ve heard that the High Court of Australia handed down its judgment on the fate of seven Members of Parliament and Senators, the most prolific of which was none other than Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce. The only survivors … Continue reading Why The High Court Got It 100% Right

World War Three and Memes

As we sit on the brink of World War Three, the situation on the Korean peninsula appears to be deteriorating on a daily basis. In what is now becoming a regular occurrence, there are heated exchanges between President Trump, and the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un. As the rest of the world sits and watches excited for more spicy meme’s which the crisis and impending … Continue reading World War Three and Memes

Catalonia and the struggle for independence

This week saw the violent clashes between the Spanish Government and Catalonian secessionists over an independence referendum held on the 1st of October. With some news outlets reporting that 900 people have been injured in the violence, in which police sought to disrupt the vote, it’s hard to see this issue vanishing from the headlines any time soon. The referendum, which was deemed illegal by … Continue reading Catalonia and the struggle for independence

Japan: What’s Next for Article 9?

Japan’s foreign policy in the post-world war two era is renowned for their strong focus on pacifism and non-aggression. This can be directly attributed to anti-war sentiments that arose after Japan’s defeat in the war, and also due to their own post-war constitution which came into effect in 1947; born out of a joint effort by both the Japanese government and the Allied forces during … Continue reading Japan: What’s Next for Article 9?